Privacy Policyמעודכן 2024

By providing unparalleled services, we completely understand our responsibility to secure your data. We make sure that your data should be protected and private from any malfunction under the Data Protection Law under the protection of Privacy Law. We do not entertain any personal data sharing of our website visitors to anyone.

  1. Information we collect from our website

We get your personal information when you visit our website via any search engine optionsFirefox, Google, Chrome, Edge, etc through devices like Desktop or Mobile. The personal information includes your device’s basic details for our permissible purposes comprising 1.) permit you to access and use our website; 2.) operate, and maintain our website(including product and services).

  1. How we use your information

We only require your data to provide you accessibility to visit and use our website in order to learn bout our services that can be matchable to your needs and requirements. 

  1. Sharing of collected information

We strictly manage to prohibit any personal data sharing of our website visitors to any third-party individual or organization.

  1. How to exercise your data protection right

We might use your data to provide you timely information, changes, or additional information about our services via email or other electronic communications. You can anytime stop our notifications by unsubscribing our service.

  1. Any addition or changes to the policy

No, we do not require any additional information about our website visitors for any other legitimate interest.

  1. Cookies Policy

A cookie basically refers to a text file where a visitor’s data is tracked or stored to allow the visitor to access and use the website. There are two types of cookies – session cookie and a persistent cookie. Session cookies are temporary-based and soon get expired whereas the persistent cookie remains stored on your device once you close your browser. They remain stored until they get expired or you simply delete them. In addition to ensuring complete data security of visitors, we use GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) so that your data is collected and used lawfully.

  1. Contact Us

In case, you come across any query or copyright issue, you can contact us here.

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